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Adria Window Regulator


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Just discovered the window regulator on my 2014 Adria Sonic is broken - I've removed the regulator from the near side door and I can see the white "plastic" clip has bit broken off it which means the bit that sits in the rail and slides up and down, no longer does as it should, and hangs freely. As a result the window doesn't go up and down.

I contacted Family Travel Centre Bristol who quoted me a whopping £551.27!!!!


Now, I'm sure the vast majority of people would agree that this is just extortionate and given that the majority of regulators can be found on line for about £100, this price is just silly.

The problem is I can't identify a replacement and Family Travel Centre won't give me the part number.

I contacted Fiat and they tell me this vehicle left the factory as an engine and chassis and as such the window bits have been sourced and fitted by Adria.

I contacted several regulator suppliers and they seem to be struggling to identify the correct one because it's not a standard Fiat Ducato.

So...... do any of you wise people out there have any ideas how to repair or source a replacement unit?

Also can anyone out there tell me if the Adria Sonic has a "One Touch" up and down set-up and/or does it have an "Anti Pinch" mechanism? (I don't know the answer to this because the only door with an up & and down window on the van is the nearside one and it's broken!)


(I will try and post pics right now.)


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The plastic bit broke on my VW Polo window but it was 15 years old. Fortunately, I managed to source replacement parts on eBay for £10. The VW main dealer could only replace the complete mechanism at a cost of £400+.


Suggest you check for any markings which may lead you to the original manufacturer of this product.


I think the A class door on most German MH's is made by a single supplier.


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