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Sorry to go on about dangerous Solar Installations, again.


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There are some good Solar installers out there, but too many very bad ones. Along with lots of poor advice.


One of the worst we saw today was the installation of a Steca Solarix PRS 3030 House Solar regulator in a Hymer.


The professional installer had left out all the safety fusing.


The manual suggests to not only mount this Solar Regulator on a Concrete wall, but AVOID A FLAMABLE SURFACE. I guess that means preferably not the Wood and Foam surfaces in a Motorhome?


The really clever bit was mounting it behind a curtain. I guess he thought if a Fire was worth starting, you might as well do it properly?


The documentation also states the Regulator should be mounted within 30cm of the battery for maximum efficiency, yet it was 3 metres away.


There was no dedicated Starter Battery charging taking place.


To top it off the Hymer Dealer choose a Solar Regulator that did not have AGM battery charge optimisation, despite AGM batteries being standard fit!! Yes that is correct, the Hymer Dealer installed the Solar at purchase time just 18 months before. More likely subcontracted it, but should know better.


The owner came to us because the batteries were long past it, wouldn't last more that 2 hours and they had already destroyed the Schaudt charger. Not only an inappropriate Install, but it had actually caused £350 worth of damage.

The batteries were poor and gassing, probably not much longer to go before we reached thermal runaway on these AGM's. Then into a different but still potentially nasty element of exploding batteries?


If the Hymer and Schaudt recommended practice had been followed it could have resulted in a solution not only safer, but one harvesting almost 40% more power. This owner might as well have covered over 40% of the Solar Panels it was so poor.



Extract from the manual which can be found on the web, see section 4 in the manual. :


4.1 Mounting the solar charge controller


4.1.1 Mounting location requirements


• Do not mount the solar charge controller outdoors or in wet rooms.


• Mount upright on the wall (concrete) on a non-flammable substrate.


• Maintain a minimum clearance of 10 cm below and around the device to ensure unhindered air circulation.


• Mount the solar charge controller as close as possible to the batteries (with a safety clearance of at least 30 cm).



There must be very good reasons why they say don't mount it on a flammable surface, surely?


The wall mounting instructions to use M4 x 40mm screws is also a good indication that this Regulator is not meant for use in a Motorhome?


"Fasten the solar charge controller to the wall with the cable openings facing downwards, using 4 oval head screws M4x40".




The way we suggest you approach Solar (and we don't sell it so no product hard sell) can be found here :






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