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Sealant for the roof


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Hi all, I am taking my Motorhome to get looked at next week as regards to seals. Can I ask, my son has had a look up top and said the sky lights could do with attention as sealant is very dry, he said it looks like the substance is like dried out black rubber ????? Can you tell me for information for sealing sky lights on a fibreglass roof what sealant to use, I have read on the web you should not use sikaflex so what is used?? I have read all about eternabond and looks extremely good expensive but good but the only thing it will not bond to is acrilic sealant, any views on eternabond ?????? Anybody used it ?????
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We have just replaced the skylight window in the toilet roof ( it had cracked with age) bought a new one, and fitted it with a sticky backed sealant tape, bought at southdowns motorhomes. , A quick and tidy job.

The hardest part was getting the old sealant cleaned of the roof!



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These links may be of interest











Some rooflights are just sealed with a rubbber/foam gasket, but the “dried out black rubber” you mention may be a butyl rubber sealant. You own a 2007 CI Cipro 85 and it’s likely that the manufacturer used a particular methodology to seal the rooflights/windows, but I’ve no idea what that would have been.


A common technique is to employ a suitable size of ‘ribbon’ mastic sealing strip (examples here)




for the joint between the base of the rooflight and the motorhome’s roof and to run a smoothed bead of an an adhesive/sealant (eg. Sikaflex 512 Caravan) to tidy up along the outer edge of the rooflight/roof joint.


There’s nothing intrinsically ‘wrong’ with using an an adhesive/sealant like Sikaflex 512 to seal a rooflight, but - if it ever proves necessary to remove the reooflight afterwards - this will be a helluva job and in the worst case the rooflight may need to be broken apart to get it off.


"Eternabond” products target the building trade. I note that the products are also used for American RV roof-related repairs, but I can’t see any overpowering reasons to use Eternabond stuff for common-or-garden motorhome rooflight resealing.

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Hi. It is most likely that your rooflights are fixed to the roof with some kind of mastic that over time dries out and goes black with all the grime that finds it's way onto your roof.


It is usually a simple matter to remove the rooflight, clean both it and the roof aperture before replacing using fresh non-setting mastic. I would recommend a butyl mastic tape that can be obtained from a caravan dealer but is also readily found on ebay.


There are many guides on Youtube or the internet generally and this is a typical example http://www.bailey94.co.uk/heki-rooflight.htm The vehicle is a caravan and it describes the fitting of a new rooflight but the method will be the same for a motorhome.


It is a little daunting the first time but do not be afraid, it really is a quite simple job.


Edit - Oops! posted at the same time as Derek. No matter. There is plenty of info for you to work with.



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Hello Derek, just looking over my Threads. I noted you saying about Eternabond Tape, but they do now advertise this product as Caravan Repair product. As you said, why use for common old garden job, but I cannot do these repairs for reasons, so my son will be doing the repairs. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for him. As I have said the roof /sky lights don't leak but could maybe do with attention before winter. On looking on You Tube at the videos of doing and tackleing jobs, it seems mostly that it is all in the preparation of making the area as clean as possible, with there cleaner and preparation spray, then all is to be done is cut the tape to size and stick. They state that it would last between 10-20 years. Weather sealed. It is expensive but if it makes it easy for him, anyway those are my thoughts.
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I used butyl in putty like tape form like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Butyl-sealing-tape-9-m-gray-/112403503817?hash=item1a2bc55ac9:g:-vMAAOSw



I used a length of strong fishing line to cut the old sealant and lots of elbow grease and white spirit to clean things up.


Just before you rip it all off, the sealant will be a lot wider than just the bit you see on the outside, it may be fine under the plastic.



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