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Do you have a Cadac Safari Chef 2?


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Hi All, thinking of getting a Cadac Safari Chef 2, there seems to be 2 variants, the HP and LP.

Just wondered which version you have and do you use a longish hose to plug into the gas point of the van or do you use a gas bottle?


Thanks for any help.



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I have an original Safari Chef HP bought second hand and a Safari Chef 2 LP bought new this year.


The HP uses screw-in disposable canisters (or piercable disposable canisters via an adapter) and works OK-ish. It suffers the usual small canister performance drop-off when used for longer periods or in cool conditions, when the small canister cools & output pressure drops. An advantage to the HP is easier portability, as it is setf contained.


The LP variant is designed for 30 milliBar operation & has a slightly higher output than the HP. My Chausson 610 came wih a gas isolator valve in the side locker to suit their optional slide-out hotplate. I added a 3 metre hose to this, terminated with a quick coupler to connect to the Cadac. It has worked well so far this year. The Safari Chef 2 is a big improvement on the original in terms of usability & the LP is more reliable than the HP under differening conditions. The revised "grill plate" arrangement on the "2" in particular is much better than the original.


Both are a bit fiddly to clean & pack away in the supplied carry case, but practice helps with the packing.




Nigel B

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Yep, - I have one and very good it is too. Use it a lot when out and about.


I don't think there is much difference between the Safai Chef 1 and 2 - with the exception that the 2 has an ignition lighter built in.


The bbq came without a hose or regulator which I had to chose and buy separately, so many options it would be difficult to supply I guess, firstly Propane or Butane? - also possible to screw in a small Gaz cartridge beneath it I believe. It did take a while to work out what I actually needed.


The second choice is where should the regulator sit, - at which end? - We connect ours to our spare gas bottle which I take out from our gas locker, so the reg screws in to the gas cylinder and the other end of the hose screws to the bottom of the cadac with the provided spanner. - The benefit is we can take it anywhere on the camp site or use it on the patio at home.


The hose and regulator coils nicely into the pouch in the bag that the bbq is supplied with.


Some vans have a purpose built gas outlet which you can plug a hose into, obviously easier but maybe more restrictive, we don't have that option so haven't looked into that side of things.


I think the only criticism is the finish on the burner unit itself, ours has become stained and it's nigh on impossible to clean it - The actual BBQ plates are good quality - I know it's lazy but often I take them home and throw them through the dishwasher.


- It is possible to accidently leave it on so the gas is flowing a little, always use it outside and not under cover, one time our sausages caught fire, I had it on a table under our awning, we where a whisker away from burning the thing overhead, panic inducing moment - learned my lesson, even if it's raining I sit under cover but have the thing outside - and when done, I always turn the gas off at the cylinder.



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As Tony says cut it into 2 pieces and quick release couplings We have had the safari chef for years still use it at home for quickness, for the van we have a carri chef this is fitted with long hose. It can be moved from near the Gas point to the front of the van if wind causing problems.
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