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Site availability September onward?


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We are looking to drive from "Waddenzee" in Netherlands, to Brest in September, coming home on about 9-10 october. This is proving a little difficult as many sites seem to close on 30 sept. Can anybody suggest/recommend any sites between Brest and St Malo that will be open?

Would aires be open then? We would prefer sites, as we would probably want to stay upto 3 nights,


alan b

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It's a weather thing, Alan! :-) North west France, on the bit that sticks into the Atlantic, in October? Hmmmmmmmm!


I'm not quite sure of your timescales. You leave Brest on 30 September, or later? You'll take a ferry home from St Malo on 9/10 October? When do you want to stop, and do you intend to take the coastal route, or the most direct, via Morlaix and Guingamp?


There are a few sites along both routes, but it would help to know a) the probable route, b) the dates you propose to be in transit, and c) which days you think you may wish to pass you 3 nights or so.


After all, Brest to St Malo is only about 2 1/2 hours drive, so I assume you have something in mind?

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Netherlands to Brest 2017

We aim to leave Hull for Rotterdam 5 Sept

St Malo is favoured homeward crossing on or around 3-7 Oct

The whole trip will be 4-5 weeks evenly paced along the route.


Say; Groningen to Boulogne 17 days, Boulogne to Brest 17 days.

Probably no problems with the first half, but second half more likely.


Groningen to Boulogne 5 sept to 20 sept

Boulogne to Brest 21 sept to 7 oct

The Cherbourg, St Malo, Brest area looked to be the potential problem area but maybe not.

My plan is to pitch for on average 3 nights and travel around by public transport, concentrating on the coastal harbours, villages and landscape and seascapes.

ACSI looks good, so I think we'll rely on the App

We 've missed out on Belgium and the north west France areas on previous trips so trying to fill in some gaps

Thanks for advice


Alan b

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A couple of years back we went pretty much round the Breton coast stopping mainly on ACSI sites In October - no great problem to be honest. I went through the Brittany section in the ACSI book, highlighting sites still open when we were there, marked them on the map and there was a good spread. I wouldn't worry.
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Alan, assuming a Win 10 PC will accompany you, you can download maps of European countries free from Microsoft under "Maps" somewhere in "Settings".


If you subscribe for the ACSI app and download it to the PC you will get the full set of ACSI approved sites, which also includes those accepting the ACSI card. However, you will still need to obtain the ACSI discount card sites guide, and card, to get the discounted prices.


The app is a little non-intuitive, and is not, IMO, in its present form, as user friendly as the ACSI DVD that preceded it, especially in respect of spelling recognition, where it won't find places if the spelling is inexact in any way - even to the point of missing hyphens! But, once familiarised, it works well, and you can filter the results of searches in a variety of ways, including arrival/departure dates.


As ever, sites do not always open/close on the stated dates, so a little latitude is desirable, along with a more reliable "plan B" option, just in case! :-)


The point of downloading and installing the maps to your own PC is that you can then use the app off-line, rather than having to use it with an internet connection, which I suspect would not prove that easy via some site WiFi connections! You can of course use the app with tablet or smartphone, but a reasonable sized screen and a decent keyboard seem desirable in view of the amount of information that is available.


Thus equipped, you should have no difficulty at all in finding open sites "on the fly", although not all will give the ACSI card discounts. However, in northern France, in late September/early October, few of those that don't are likely to be charging top dollar! :-D

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