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Bad gearbox repair


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After water ingress we had our gearbox repaired but its come back with 2 problems: a whine from the end casing of the gearbox when coasting in gear, and a side to side wobble at the front of the vehicle when under load eg doing 30-40 uphill. The garage (Geartech Midlands) says it cant get the parts to fix the noise problem, and doesnt know whats causing the wobble and is taking a long time to fix it. Has anyone else had these problems please and is the garage's excuse re failing to fix the noise issue reasonable? Is it really that hard to get parts, and shouldnt they have checked they could get all parts before starting to fix it?

Geartech are gearbox specialists and have a good reputation and one other well respected transmissions specialist here said that if Geartech cant fix it then neither would they be able to.

They think the wobble is due to either engine/gearbox mountings or drive shafts, but a third garage i took it to said these are ok. Can anyone suggest what else it might be please? We're pretty sure its not tyres, wheels or wheel bearings. Thanks for any help.

2000 Fiat Ducato 1.9 TD. 44,000 miles, owned from new.

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