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2011 Fiat Autotrail Savannah 160BHP Super Lo Line Auto


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We have a 2015 Savannah which is not too dissimilar to your model year MH in terms of technical spec. The maximum towing weight is 1250 kg.

Are you going to tow a car on an A frame or are you going to use a trailer ? The reason I ask is that if it is a trailer then you have to think about the downward load on the tow ball from the trailer. The maximum acceptable load on the Savannah towball is I believe 50 kg so when having a trailer on the back this downward load is transferred to the back axle and because there is a very long overhang from the end of the MH to the centre of the back axle the effect of this load is multiplied. As a consequence you will have to think carefully about the load on the rear axle and consider carefully what you are placing in the garage as you could easily overload the back axle. If you are towing a car via an A frame then this problem does not exist.


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