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Fly nets for citroen relay LWB


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You could try Reimo site some good prices but some are a little on the expensive side .....here .....oh and its in German but google chrome should sort that out .




Brian K


PS your model may not be on this page but search around as there are other pages with more models on VW Ducato etc. give you a few ideas .

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As you are obviously very practical , why not make your own? Buy the netting, and maybe use curtain rails (at least at door) with weights in the bottom . You can buy lead weights in curtain shops that you sew into the bottom seam. Just a sugestion


By the way welcome to the forum, where you will get plenty of good advice , and enjoy your van


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Horrex and Remis have both produced a sliding flyscreen that may be suitable for a 2006-onwards Citroen Relay’s side sliding door.








I’m doubtful, though, that an equivalent commercially-made flyscreen is marketed for the rear opening, as the demand is likely to be lower.


It’s perhaps worth saying that these flyscreens can be problematical




and that installation can be challenging




(I note that there was no feedback from “tfp” - the owner of the “Sierra Nevada” motorhome - regarding the resolution (or not!) of his vehicle’s faults.)

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