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Dometic fridge failure


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747 - 2017-08-14 7:55 PM


Raywill - 2017-08-14 5:39 PM


Got a 2005 autotrail tracker, fridge working on 240 and 12 but doesn't cool on gas any ideas please.


Clean the burner and the flue if it looks sooted up.


And possibly replace the inline gas jet just prior to the burner unit. It may be partially blocked.


Maybe the OP should consider getting the fridge serviced, especially if it hasn't been touched since 2005.

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It's recommended that fridges are serviced every 2 years but very few people do. I guess most people, including me, wait until the fridge loses efficiency or fails to operate before carrying out any servicing.


A fridge service, using a mobile technician, will probably cost around £150. The Dometic website shows your nearest service agent.


You can of course do it yourself, if you feel competent enough. Plenty of online help on utube.


The main problem with a DIY solution is obtaining spare parts, if you need them. They can be obtained via online retailers by entering your fridge model reference. However, a service technician will know exactly which replacement item is required and reconnect the gas system safely.

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