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Prague and back 10 days in September


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Hi, we will be driving to Prague via Oberwesel in September and would like some recommendations for places to stop on the way. I think we are going to stay in the yacht club campsite in Prague but would like to hear from people about their experiences. We are going late train Thurs 7th returning Sunday 17th morning.

I just can't decide on which route to take and where to stop.



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We were in Prague a few weeks ago, i've never seen a city with so many tourists from all over the world. We flew, stayed 3 days, 2 nights- not long enough.


My immediate thinking is that you wont be spending any longer there and driving in Prague is a nightmare. If you can find a campsite outside the city and travel in by the excellent public transport system you would definitely be better off- and have less panics!


I would never put anyone off going anywhere in their van but not sure if the effort involved is worth the rush and the stress. If you do go PM me and I can give you some tips on places to see etc.

Good luck


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I've used the Yacht Club campsite some years ago.


Good, quiet-ish location with easy access to the centre during the day (as long as the little passenger ferry taking you across the river to the metro station is still running).


It's a bit more of a walk back at times when the ferry isn't running (from the tram and via the main island access), but still fine.


It isn't (or at least wasn't) the first site on the island, and it is worthwhile driving to it as the ferry is very convenient for access, and leaves from the Yacht Club site.


When we visited, it was reasonably easy to access, but the approach from the E65 from the west was difficult due to long queues of HGVs stationary in the inside lane.

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