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Advice on Size please


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We downsized from an Auto Sleeper Broadway coach built to a Globecar Campscout in April, we're over the moon with it,we've never had so much storage and the massive fixed bed is a dream when it comes to bed time.

Our last van I towed a trailer to keep the van tidy but with the Campscout the trailer is not needed,

We've done just over 2,000 miles since April completely trouble free and we will be driving it down to Benidorm in October.

The Campscout Revolution is a good choice in my opinion.



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Brian Kirby - 2017-08-26 6:43 PM


1ten - 2017-08-24 4:14 PM......................We are looking at the Globecar Campscout Revolution, not the most attractive van with the high roof but would seem to work the best for us.

Knaus Boxstar 600 Family offers similar layout, if it helps.


We looked at the Knaus and like it but the Globecar ticks more boxes. The drop down bed means that if somebody stays in bed the van is blocked up and you can't use any of it.

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Retread24800 - 2017-08-25 3:40 PM


Tolls in France tend to reflect height (over 3metres) and number of axles. What will restrict you with an HGV is accessibility, many roads, and even towns, are restricted to under 3.5T. Speed limits are also lower and here in France you will need special max speed stickers.


There’s no doubt that, for any motorhome with a Gross Vehicle Weight exceeding 3500kg, lower speed limits apply when driving the vehicle in France. However, provided that the motorhome is not towing anything, I’m not sure if a non-French-registered motorhome MUST carry stickers on its rear to display the lower speed limits.


The French ‘speed-stickers’ issue was explored in 2010 when the regulations were introduced. Examples are here






and more recently




When in France I’ve seen plenty of ‘heavy’ non-UK-registered motorhomes with 110, 100 and 80 speed-stickers on their rumps, but I’ve yet to see a UK-registered ‘biggie’ with stickers on it.


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