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Platinum sd6110l battery date


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New to the Motorhome its my first year with a 2004 Elddis 400RL

I bought it at a good price 16,000£ Because it had 98,000 miles on it .I decided to spend 2,000£ on it and as I can do a lot of the work myself I got a lot done for my money.

I have fitted new discs & pads ,drums & shoes 2 track rods,Front wheel bearings,clutch & bearing ,starter & altinator brushes,LED lights,electric Rug Buddy 120 watt heating.2x100 watt solar panels,4 new tyres,a chip tuning box to take it from 84 to 105 BHP I have 1,900 £ spent so far .


Now can anyone tell me where the date is on the battery it is a Platinum SD 6 110 L the only numbers on it are. 5 060043 804 107

If it is old I will buy a new one and then I should be ready for France without any issues?????


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A battery’s date of manufacture may be easy to confirm if it’s fairly obvious (eg, the month/year is stamped into a terminal or the casing) but there’s no standardisation and some manufacturers (eg. Banner) employ a ‘coded’ dating system.


I can’t see any obvious ‘date’ in the string of digits you’ve provided, but does your Platinum battery look old because, if it does, it probably is ;-)


Probably your best bet would be to contact a Platinum Customer Support Centre




and see if they can tell you how to interpret the information you’ve found on your battery.


The Platinum SD6110L reference is evidently still currently used




so yours may not be that old. However, even if it were quite new, that doesn’t automatically means it is in good condition, so (given the amount of work you found it necessary to carry out on the Elddis) you’d be wise to perform some basic checks on the battery’s ability to charge and hold the charge under load.

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Thanks for your reply,I will take the battery out and look for a stamp,the battery looks new.

The van is in perfect condition inside & out,It did not need all that work that I did. As I was in a position to do most of the work myself it was the cost of the parts only and I did not want it to let me down.

The last owner died and his family couldn't find the paper work,they had it for 9 years.

This is the reason I got it for £ 16,000 it is in perfect condition now.

Thanks again


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