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Santander or Bilbao


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Guest pelmetman

Not a lot in it really....... Santander is little more West.....Bilbao a little more East :-S ........


It's like Cherbourg or Caen.......makes bog all difference in the end ;-) ..........



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rooster63 - 2017-08-27 7:16 PM


Thinking of taking the ferry to Spain next June exploring a bit of northern Spain, about a week and then working our way up the west coast of France to Cherbourg. Not sure whether to go to to Bilbao or Santander, any thoughts?


Will depend which day of week you travel 3 sailings to Santander weekly, 2 to Bilbao From portsmouth

I sailing a week from Plymouth to Santander


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PJay - 2017-08-29 11:08 PMCurrently Bilbao is having problems with immigrants trying to get to Uk from SpainPJay


Reports in Express and Sun say that mainly Albanian migrants are camping near the port in Bilbao and a number have boarded the ferries to UK, of whom most were discovere and returned to Spain.


It doesn't sound like it will affect outbound arrivals in Bilbao much but there are extra searches of vehicles (and shipping containers) before boarding for a journey to UK.


No reports of the extra EU Schengen Area checks delaying things so far.


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