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window Install

Mark Wilkes

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My understanding is the factory fitted rear window is just stuck over the hole with mastic - so it should be just like replacing a broken glass like many windscreen companies do. Apart from cutting the hole which shouldn't be difficult as you already have the frame around so just cut out the single skinned bit.

Extra window may affect the comprehensive part of your insurance as windows make the vehicle more vulnerable to damage and theft.

I would just contact a local windscreen fitter.

If you want to DIY you should be able to get the glass and mastic online.

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I assume the OP just wants a fixed glass window and not an opening plastic type MH window?


In the old days, fixed windows in a panel van were held in place by a profiled rubber strip surround. Not very secure because the rubber strip could be easily cut and the window removed, allowing entry.


As John52 suggests, visit a windscreen installer. Alternatively, search for a bespoke campervan converter in your area.


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