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Attaching files to postings

Derek Uzzell

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For a while now, when I attempt to attach a file (normally a .jpg type) to a posting I usually get the following error message


Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 10.0 error '80040e31'

Query timeout expired

/forums/forums/attach-file.asp, line 81


If I then ‘page back’ and resubmit the file the procedure works successfully and I can continue to add extra files to that posting witout difficulties.


This is a nuisance rather than a show-stopper, but I’d be interested to know if this happens to anybody else.


It’s also now the case that forum general ‘seaches’ take a long time to complete, presumably because of the large number of postings that need to be searched through.


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Derek, in the last 2 months I would guess a 20% 'failure' rate when attaching files. As you say a second attempt has always resulted in success.


When the failure does occur it usually takes quite a while to report the load wasn't a success, so I assumed it had 'timed out' because the server was busy.



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