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Ultraheat thermo stat noise


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Going on electric heating via swiching fire control to auto, adjusting Ultraheat thermo stat to around 25/30c and finally switching Ultraheat main on.When it reaches required tempeture there is a" pop" from region of fire that sounds like when you ignite fridge on gas.Would appreciate comments whether something is going wrong. Thanks.
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How long have you owned the motorhome?


If it’s been for a while (say a year or so) and the heater’s Ultraheat system has always made the ‘popping’ noise when the pre-set temperature is reached (and the heating has worked OK otherwise) then the noise can be considered a characteristic that you can (probably!) ignore. If the ‘popping’ noise never used to happen and has suddenly started, a problem may be developing.


Suggest you ask Truma about this




or ARC Systems



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