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Black panels

Charlie boy

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Guest pelmetman
Charlie boy - 2017-09-30 6:49 PM


I suppose some details would help ... ??

The van is an Adria Matrix,

The ‘panels’ make up the decals on both sides.




When you say panels are they the decals? :-S ........I know my own "decals" can get dirty and require a serious scrub......or in olden days terminology ......a bit of elbow grease :D ........


Unless of course the muck has got behind the decal's........then the only cure is a trip to your nearest sign makers who will be able to copy your decals ;-) ...........



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Personally I think they look better without Decals and would warm them up with hairdryer, peel them off, and clean off the residue with petrol.

Like the go-faster boy racer stripes, rows of spotlights etc some call 'posing tackle'

or just an advert for the manufacturer

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