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Do you want a photo of your motorhome to appear beneath your forum User Name on your postings, or do you just want to provide a photo of your Ace Milano motorhome?


In the first case, the method is as follows


"Question: How do I get a picture under my name when I post?


Answer: You can upload a small picture (normally called an avatar) via your Control Panel - scroll down to the 'Images' section (the last area on the page), and click the 'Browse' button in the 'Upload profile image' box. This will open up a 'file browser' window. Locate the image you wish to use as an avatar, click on it, and press the 'Open' button. The file browser window will close. Then just click the 'OK' button in the 'Upload profile image' box; your image will be saved to our servers, and your picture will appear next to your posts!


There are a couple of limitations: The image must not be larger than 50kb in filesize (this is to keep the loading speed of the pages as fast as possible), and the image will be resized to 100 pixels wide when it's displayed (a pixel is a unit of measurement - basically, one 'dot' on your computer screen). This means that if the image you upload is significantly wider or narrower than this, some distortion may occur - obviously, the best solution is to resize the image before you upload it. This can be done using several computer programs (such as Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Macromedia Fireworks, Paint Shop Pro, etc.). For more information of free image editing software, please click here (please note - Warners Group Publications Plc cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites).”


and there’s more information here






To attach a photo (of a motorhome or anything else) to a posting, you need to tick the “Attach a file after posting” box that you’ll see at the base of the posting ’window’, and then follow the procedure described here




It’s vital that the size of the file that holds your photo does not exceed 100kb and (at present) there’s a fair chance that an error message will appear. If that happens, try again.


I’ve deleted your blank posting from the Hints & Tips forum and moved your “ace milano’s” posting to this forum. I’ve also attached a photo of an Ace Milano to that posting just to show the effect. (I cannot add an ‘avatar’ to your postings.)



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If you want a simple, easy to use method of resizing pictures type PIXresizer into your search engine (Google etc) download the compressed [zipped] folder, follow the instructions and with a couple of clicks you can resize photos . This program is FREE.




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