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LED awning light with 12v outlet?


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I'm slowly going through our aging Elddis Autoquest 200 trying to bring it more into the 21st century. I've now replaced almost all the bulbs with LEDs. The last light that needs an upgrade is the exterior awning light.


In this instance, I'm looking to replace the whole light fitting with a purpose-built LED unit. probably something like this.


or this



However, there are times when I'd like to also add a few LED fairy lights or an LED strip to the inside of the awning. Ideally I'd like to power these from from the leisure battery.


Therefore, my ideal exterior light fitting would be an LED light with an integral 12v exterior grade outlet built in. Does anyone know if such a beast exists?





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I've not come across a combination light offering a 12v connection and it would be difficult to make one which was reliably weatherproof. I suggest you might be barking up the wrong tree and should address your requirements separately. 

LED strip lighting is available for outside use and routing a supply inside the awning casing should be viable, thence into the interior somewhere suitable and arranging switching (say above the habitation door) feasible. 

Got other, presumably temporary use, lighting, install a 12v socket inside an external locker - but not the gas locker, that would be potentially dangerous. 
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Led strip you could mount, as I have done, on the MH wall, switched from the control panel,  so you have awning lights with indoor switching. 
Regarding led fairy lights why bother with fitting a 12v socket (more holes in the bodywork etc) when a set of solar lights will do the job equally as well.
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