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Motorhome Virgin Seeks Guidance

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Hi Folks


I have never owned or been on a holiday in a motorhome but I plan to rent out my flat in Glasgow and buy and live in a motorhome next to Edinburgh. Close enough so I can easily commute into the city on a bike for example. Id also go for wee trips now and again. I have read a lot of the advice on here but I have some questions for you good souls. And any other advice gratefully received :)


1) Where is it best for someone like me with no experience to buy - privately or from a dealer? Any other advice for buying - like time of year, tactics etc?

2) If I bought a motorhome for£20k just now and only added 3000 miles to it and kept it in good condition how much could I sell it for in 2 years time?

3)Do sites charge more in the winter cos of heating?

4) I'd be happy to work to find free place to park my motorhome - how realistic is that - like on a campsite or a farm?

5) What is a realistic price per night to try and negotiate in a campsite if you stay long term?

5) My unrealistic dream - I'd like to meet a kindly old lady who would let me park my motorhome in her large driveway in a nice suburb of Edinburgh in exchange for me doing some work for her and making her feel more secure. I'm not pinning my hopes on this :p but do you know of any other schemes other than campsite, nearby farm for cheap city living apart from parking up on the street.


Many thanks :)



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We can all dream, but there are a lot of obstacles in your way. Not to be too negative, I'll answer as best as I can...


1. There are not many dealers in Scotland. As you can see,I'm in the north of Aberdeenshire, and I had to travel to Perth to find a van. I traded my old van in, and I happened upon the new owner who lives in Moray. So, my first advice is to look online at Autotrader Motorhomes and see what's available. You may have to travel a fair distance to see them.


2. If I could tell you that, I could make money predicting the future. I can only generalise and say that good vans hold their value well.


3. No, you generally pay a lot less in the low season, but not many sites are open all year.

NB usually you can only stay for 28 days on a site at one time. Check this out.


4. Can't say,but there may be restrictions .


5. keep dreaming.


Also note... for practical reasons you will need a permanent address. I assume you will use your Glasgow address.

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In all probability your site fees for all singing and dancing sites will exceed the rent you will receive for your property. Long term cheaper rentals are best obtained on Certificated location sites run in the name of the Caravan and Motorhome Club but these restrict tenure to a maximum of 28 days although the landowner might be persuaded to let you stay longer. They cost anything from £10 a night if you are lucky. There are a couple in reasonably close proximity to Edinburgh. However the majority of CL sites are rural in nature. See here:





Before purchasing your motorhome much more research will be required. In general motorhoming is a very expensive pastime and sad to say your budget is unlikely to run to anything less than five years old. The main issue with all motorhomes is damp which can cost £000s to repair in extreme cases which are not that uncommon.

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In addition to all the advice you've already been given, don't forget things like laundry, drying we clothes etc..

It's one thing having a holiday in a van, but living in one long term takes a bit more planning. Perhaps you should hire a van and spend some time in it (in bad weather) to be sure this is what you want to do.

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I looked at using my motorhome when I was working away during the week. It was cheaper to get a flat.


1. Probably private. AutoTrader has a good guide. There are also organisations that will check over a motorhome for you - at a price.

2. Budget for £5k depreciation; you may do better than that depending on what you buy.

3. No.

4. Possible in say the fruit picking season but don't bank on it. Bear mind that you will have to look after the motorhome and yourself. If you are holding down a full time job, you are probably not going to have any free time.

5. Six years ago the best quote I got was £12pn fixed for a year on hard standing with electric hook up, water and waste facilities. The owner would turn a blind eye to the 28 day move on rule. I reckon it might be £14pn now. A full facilities campsite will be c£20pn peak season for one person [i paid £19.70pn for one adult over this year's August Bank Holiday].

6. Boat moorings can be as little as £2500 pa. I doubt there are many kindly old ladies who will allow a stranger to pitch up on their driveway. Your length of say will be restricted by local planning laws. Where I live, you can sleep in a van overnight on a drive but you cannot 'camp' ie use the vans toilet and cooking; you have to use the house facilities.


I reckon it will cost you c£8kpa to pursue your dream. You might be able to do it cheaper; you will definitely be able to spend more. Using a motorhome for the purpose you state is not going to be cheap unless you are unemployed in which case you might be able to do more free camping. You could try searching for the wild camping and full timing forums/blogs. You should be able to get a one bed flat in Edinburgh - which will be roomier than a motorhome - for £8k pa.

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Many years ago (early 80's) my son used our caravan , which he managed to find a farm site for , when he was doing his year work experience for UNI. But he did come home weekends , with his washing, and for Mum to stock his larder!! AND to bath/shower

Was not in Scotland in winter though!!

As has been stated , the practicalities of living in a van , these days , would be probably more cost than staying in a B&B, and definitely not as comfortable for long term , and would probably not be cost effective, re renting your home, also the mortgage/ insurance could cost you more , as you would not be living there!!

Why not stay in a B&B monday to thursday, and go home weekends? It's not that far from Glasgow to Edinburgh , is it?

Cost out commuting verses renting/ B&B against your cost of £20K investment, plus ins/tax/site fee of a MH


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Assuming the MH is taxed and insured why don't you look at finding an out of the way layby or an industrial estate or some where non residential and just park on the side of the road.

You will need a decent solar panel to keep battery topped up but a lot cheaper than a camp site.

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