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Armacao de Pera , Portugal


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Has anybody stayed at Armacao de Perla recently?

Stayed in a shack on a campsite there 15 years ago but not since in our van!

Enjoyed town but believe it has grown quite a bit!

Considering recce for apartment hire when I lose my enthusiasm for driving.

Any experience of campsites, apartments or estate agents welcome. Heading to Portugal mid Feb.

Regards, Snowie


Ps, can I turn off predictive text?

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was there in august, wonderful town, good campsite on the way into town (camping praia de armacao de pera) and an occasional aire by the beach at praia dorada (land is a car park owned by the football club, overnighting allowed til theres too many vans and the police then move everyone on).

another campsite outside town, near the BP station.

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We go to Armacao every year for a couple of weeks, often several times! We too started using the bungalows, then bought a van.


The town has grown and the "prom" has been "improved" and so lost some of its character. Still a great place to stay.


We use the camp site, (like to sleep without the worry of a fine or being moved on from the football ground).



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