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retro fit new radio aerial


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Hi peeps,


Like most motorhomes my radio reception is pretty naff :'( and i`m thinking about retro fitting a universal off the shelf type to the front wing of my 2007 Swift bolero.

Several questions please (?) Has anyone done something similar, will I get better reception and if so should it be fitted to nearside or offside (!)


Any help or thoughts please.



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Aha, a man after my own heart.


Or last m/h a Fiat Swift had poor reception and I looked at after market aerials (though to be pedantic they should be called antenna but no-one in UK calls them that, they do in US but another story there). Anyway, I didn't fit one though the dealer, Marquis, showed me where to plug it in, just slide out the radio using four pieces of coat hanger to release the clips and it's sort of obvious. Unplug the passive antenna and plug in the new active one.


Our current Elddis Peugeot is even worse. And as for DAB that's a joke. Looked on Ebay and there's loads of boosters there for not much money but I've held off doing anything till I visit the NEC next week and see what I can find.


Every dealer I've mentioned poor radio reception to has said the same. "yes they're crap aren't they". Might buy myself a little old fashined tranny radio.


I think I posted on this a while ago to, but please let me know what solution you, or anyone else comes up with.

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Had Bessacarr 2010 ,most of us had this issue .Dont waste your money on new aerials or even new head unit ,done both very very little improvement .

Then I had a light bulb moment !

If you have a Status tv aerial check the amp ,does it have a radio outlet ,mine was in the wardrobe .

I took a co ax lead from here ,fed it to the back of the radio ,bit fiddly but worth it . Maplin sell a short lead that converts the co ax plug to the aerial socket at the back of the radio ,only couple of pounds .

Amazing improvement !

One point worth noting ,when your on the road the engine powers the 12 v feed to the amp ,when you park ,and turn the engine off , 12v power is lost ,need to provide permanent power ,took mine from frig feed .

If all this " will this work for me " Simply take a temp co ax lead from amp across the furniture ,pull out the head unit ,using the Maplin lead and try it !

Never lost stations as I moved around .

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thebishbus - 2018-02-17 9:04 AM


Before replacing the aerial ,you could try fitting a " Naviskauto 12 volt universal FM car radio antenna signal booster " £7.99 from Amazon. Most of the reviews are favourable.

Brian B.


Bought one today, haven't fitted it yet but will let you know if there`s any improvement ;-)



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