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reversing camera mondial


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Kas&Krn - 2018-02-25 12:39 PM


Hi all,

Have a swift mondial and am looking to fit a reversing camera. Anybody got a suggestion as to what type they prefer. I want a dash mounted screen over a mirror screen.


Thanks in advance.




I notice you asked about reversing cameras here




Besides the company 747 mentions, you might consider contacting this firm




See also this discussion




There are so many camera systems marketed nowadays. It’s difficult to know which are ‘best’ or offer best value for money, and it also depends whether you want the system to just ‘look down’ when reversing or also provide a rear-view image.


Examples of the wide variety available...



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I used the screen on my radio / satnav unit and a camera mounted to a bracket but i see they now sell aftermarket centre brake light / camera for panel vans would save drilling fixing and cable holes (but at a cost) i have not tried these cameras but if i was doing it now i would be thinking about it.


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