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Anyone fitted a Caratec soundbar to Avtex TV?


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As the title says.... has anyone fitted a Caratec Soundbar to an Avtex TV?

I'm not really wanting advice on any other brand of soundbar/tv combination - just the Carate and Avtex set-up.

....... and I relasie there will be people that will say that three Avtex TV works just fine without a soundbar, but each to their own. I'm definitley fitting one but I'd prefer to use the Caratec bar becuase it's powered by the USB connection.

I'm just not 100% sure if he bracket supplied witht the Caratec bar will fit the Avtex TV.



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I have one that is the same but has a different brand name. Mine is on the Vision Plus tv and it works fine. you won't notice any super bass, but it does improve the sound.


I think that mine is the Midas, it is around £15 delivered from ebay.

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I can't provide any specific comment or fitting advice ... sorry. but looks interesting, tho i think i might be inclined to try one of the £15 ebay jobs to start off with.


Have you found a UK supplier for the Caratec? The only ones i found were in Germany - I had to get my Caratec TV mount from Germany.


i've got a 18" Cello traveler and i'm not convinced the USB port is powered - i tried to plug a phone into it last night and got no charge from the TV - so i'd be reluctant to pony up for >£100 to find out it didn't work.


I have a Bose Sound Link II BT speaker and i can pair it via BT to the TV, so that will do me i guess - it seems to work well .


let us know how you get on tho.

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You raised a valid point Gerry McG - the USB on the Avtex is definitly able to charge my phone, so I'm assuming it's able to drive a soundbar.

There are a couple of reasons I'm veering toward the Caratec sound bar over the Avtex sound bar and any other make:

1. It's 50 quid cheaper than the Avtex soundbar

2. The volume on the Caratec can be adjusted with just one remote - the TV remote.

3. It (should) fits beneath the TV using a proper bracket which means I dont need to screw anything to the wall (no screw hole scabs left if/when the soundbar packs up). I could perhaps use Heavy Duty Velcro to attach a cheaper 'non bracketed" sound bar but i fear it will eventualy drop off! the wall!

4. It powered purley by the USB - which means I dont need to introduce another powere source.


Amazon UK are selling the Caratec - I can have it as soon as Thursday if I buy today.






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thanks for the reply. That sounds promising.

Good luck.


for interest, i emailed Cello Customer Services yesterday to ask if the 19" Cello Traveller TV USB was powered, and the answer was no - "The USB is input only and not a powered port" so it looks like i am limited to using a BT external speaker in any event....


so that's one up for Avtex i guess,


not a big problem tho - but i did like the notion of the 12v soundbar...


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I’ve taken the plunge and just ordered the Avtex sound bar.


My Avtex 188DRS Tv is fitted to the Adria TV mount and slides down from behind a high mounted cupboard.


It looks like the Avtex sound bar bolts directly to the TV stand mount which I don’t have to use and so will be a very neat finish with no visible wires etc.


I’ll post an update once I’ve fitted it and had the opportunity to enjoy it.






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I too bought a sound bar but not the Caratec or the Avtex - I bought a cheap £30 one off Amazon.

Its just as well I did becuase neither the Avtex or Caratec would have been suitable becuase it wouldnt have fitted beneath the TV in the relativly small recess.

Also the USB on the Avtex TV wouldnt power up the soundbar I bought, but the other TV (Caratec) on our van did. I just swapped the Avtex and Caratec around.

Sound is much improved from the "tinnie" sound from the TV speakers.



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Whilst the Caratec soundbar might be the cheaper option you need to bear in mind that with this soundbar being powered purely by USB, there is a 5 volt limit to the power supplied.


Because the Avtex soundbar is powered separately you are given 12 volts of power. I purchased mine from capital outdoors and I can’t fault it.




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