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MMM digital issue

Lucie Cranfield

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Hello all,


If you have ever thought of trying the digital issue of MMM, now is the perfect time as there is currently 30% off the normal price - you can enjoy MMM for one year for just £27.99. You can find out more by clicking on

this link - https://pocketmags.com/mmm-magazine


If you want to try, before you buy, why not download our FREE 130-page digital sample issue and see what you think - https://pocketmags.com/mmm-magazine/mmm-free-sample-issue


We hope you enjoy it! :-D


Thanks, Lucie

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Hi Lucie,

The link to the free version is useless, I have tried at least three time to access it but every time you click through you get a message regarding cookies and where it says click here if you agree it gets covered by a google rating that never disappears so you can't agree and so you get no further, just tried again with the link that you have posted, hate to think that I had paid for a digital version that I couldn't access.


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The type of problem you are complaining about may depend on what device you are using.


Lucie’s links seem to work OK for me using an iMac and an iPad. On my iMac I get a ‘GOOGLE rating’ and on both the iMac and iPad I get a ‘cookies’ message, but none of those things actually inhibit me.


Having said that, I’m not 100% sure at what point in the procedure to obtain the free sample of MMM you are hitting trouble. I have no difficulty adding the free sample issue to my ‘cart’, but I’m not interested in having the sample so I have not gone any further. If your problem is beyond the ‘cart’ stage, you’ll need to say.

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