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They keep on coming


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pelmetman - 2018-03-28 10:14 PM


antony1969 - 2018-03-26 6:10 PM


Just look at these poor war torn child refugees ... I aint seeing too many women and children , maybe they've all gone to Barry and Bullets digs ... God help us ... Why are they hiding their faces ... https://twitter.com/andyvblue/status/978269745878269952


Maybe they're shy? ;-) .........



No they aint shy Dave ...For the first time in ages I had fish and chips for tea (dinner if you have class) last night from a chippy not a million miles away ... Across the road from the chippy are two big houses that house young male refugees ... The young lass serving what were lovely fish and chips was telling me how her young school age daughter is continually pestered by these young fellas and has been flashed at by some of them ... Her daughter is not allowed anywhere near the houses now which proves difficult as they live very close to them and she has to walk past them to school ... So I don't think these fellas are shy , far from it ... I can understand why Barry and his friend talk about it but leave the dirty work for others to deal with ... preaching to others and having to deal with none of the consequences must be a truly great feeling

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