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Soft Ground at Peterborough


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The National Motorhome Show takes place at Peterborough in three weeks and sitting at home watching the heavy rain this weekend has reminded me that getting off (and even getting on to) a camping pitch there can be a challenging business if the ground is soft - so it's time to take precautions with you.


My method is to to drive the front wheels onto our "rope ladder" type grips as we park up, so that they are already under the driving wheels when it comes time to move off.  I also have an eye for pitching as close as possible to one of the gravel tracks on the Showground, since once you reach one of those you should be OK.


I also have a pair of gripping mats which I sometimes place under the rear wheels but I have never found them useful under driving wheels.


Has anyone got better ideas?


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For many years I just parked up with a 12" square of 3/4" plywood under each wheel, enough to both spread the load to stop each wheel sinking and give that all important initial grip when first pulling away. I laterdoubled up and hinged the front pair to open out to 12 x 24 for added initial traction.

The only time we ever needed a tow off was at Peterborough - which is largely on the flood plain of the River Nene - when we were parked on the lowest field and got stuck behind someone else and had to stop unexpectedly, so it pays to wait until nobody else is on the move before making your escape.

The squares had nylon rope loops attached and could be picked up and stored in a large carrier bag without getting muddy hands and they could be retrieved once firm ground was reached.

An even better idea is not to prebook and not to go if the weather has been or is forecast wet as we found little joy in stomping about ankle - or higher - deep in mud for a weekend!

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