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Welcome to USA....and the making of a "revolutionary activist"!


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They were pretty bad years ago in the 90s so God knows what they are like now. On my first visit to the USA I got arrested within ten minutes of being on US soil at Minneapolis airport and interrogated by the anti Terrorism squad. (lol)


I left the none US immigration queue as it was massive and got talking to some hippy in the corner of the Airport. I said to the cop that dragged me off that I was just trying to "bum a fag" :D That just made it worse. (lol)


I dont tell this story very often as nobody believes it.


They checked out where I was going, who I worked for, what hotel I was staying in after my connecting flight to Arizona. I got a bit lippy and they threatened to send me back on the next plane.


Welcome to America.

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Oh they're a bit bonkers. My cousin once got pulled in by US immigration as "an illegal". He'd only been living and working in Texas for several years and had all the correct documentation. They've never been the brightest bulbs in the box. *-)


That Australian lady's experience was utterly disgusting though. Summed up perfectly at the end;


"I kept thinking that if this were happening to me, a person who is white, articulate, educated and fluent in English, what on earth is happening to people who don’t have my power?


That’s the heartbreak of it. Remember, I wasn’t pulled out because I’m some kind of revolutionary activist, but my God, I am now. I am on the frontline. If we don’t stand up and shout, good sense and good will not prevail, and my voice will be one of the loudest.


That’s what it has taught me. I thought I was an activist before, but this has turned me into a revolutionary. I’m not letting it happen here. Instead of crying and being sad and sitting on a couch, I am going to write to politicians. I am going to call. I am going to write to newspapers. I am going to get on the radio. I will not be quiet. No more passive behaviour. Hear me roar."

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