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The Bad Boys of Brexit


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I told yer!!!! For those of you who think my theories on Brexit being orchestrated by the super elite are bonkers, take a look at this.


"The Bad Boys of Brexit"


"Who is taking back control?"


Farage, Banks and Bannon. They are some of the well-known Bad Boys of Brexit. But there are many more. The Bad Boys of Brexit are an unholy alliance. They are global Money Men, small-state Regulation Burners and people with highly questionable Russian Connections, some of whom have undermined the very foundations of democracy.




These are the people that have already made a fortune out of Brexit and they will be the only ones to benefit from it.


Kipper Stitched up Like a

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teflon2 - 2018-04-20 6:54 PM


and you are putting your faith in the likes of Blair and Branson :D :D


Branson maybe but I do wish Blair would clear off. Anyway its not a question of who you are putting your faith in, its a question of how we have been stitched up.

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