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1998 Fiat Ducato Electrics


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Hi my father has a 1998 Fiat Ducato 1.9Td Marquis Starfire swb motorhome and is having problems with the internal electrics mainly the accomodation lighting and water pump.


Is there a wiring diagram available for this model I have tried various searches without much luck.


Any help would be gratefully received.



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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums.


In the late-1990s the internet was slow and generally little used. By the mid-2000s it became reasonably common for motorhome manufacturers to store copies of brochures and handbooks on-line and - once those publications were stored - they were usually accessible indefinitely.


It’s possible that a member of this forum has a handbook for an Autocruise ‘Star’ model of a similar vintage to your father’s and can email you a scanned copy of the wiring diagram. If not, you might try asking on the Motorhome Facts forum as this has a dedicated section relating to the Autocruise marque.




Failing that, you could try searching for adverts for Starfires built around 1998, get in touch with the seller and see if the vehicle being advertised still has its handbook.


Fortunately (unlike more recent motorhomes) a 1998 Starfire’s interior electriclal system should be quite simple, making trouble-shooting fairly straightforward. Even if you can’t get hold of a wiring-diagram, if a systematic approach is adopted it should at least be possible to identify where faults involving interior-lighting or a water-pump are likely to lie.

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