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Apps for planing holiday routes


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If you have a sat nav that has alternative routes try a few and use a paper map to see if the route is sensible,


Or Google maps, TomTom route planer, that show traffic density. (I tend to watch the traffic a few days before I go, just to anticipate any hot spots)


Again back to a paper map to see if the route works for me.


The advantage of a paper map, is that (generally) details of places to visit, rest areas, local information etc


Marking up a paper map with tulips ( line with circle at rear, and arrow pointing forward, or bent , or showing direction of travel with a note of junction number or road ID in and out. ). Drawn on small memo pad stickies.


This will give you an idea of the route, aid the co driver if you have one, willing to navigate and be useful if the sat nav decides to fail, or reroute you at the drop of a hat. Or meeting a unwelcome diversion.




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