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Pump or airlock problem


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Hello Guys,


My old fiamma pump failed, so i went and got a brand new Fiamma 8

Problem is that it is not stopping on the spot as it is in this video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/VXE8EtQEH3CzhUeO2


So i suspect there is some air in the system or leak.


1. I have checked the joints, no leeks anywhere.

2. Followed the procedure to remove air with hot water taps. It seems that does not take all air, still some air stays in the hot water tank, how to get rid of it, any suggestions for this problem?

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Your motorhome is a 1997 Rimor Superbrig based on a Mercedes Sprinter.


There are a few on-line comments about Fiamma Aqua 8 pumps not automatically stopping when the taps are turned off. For example




I 'bleed' my motorhome's water system initially by putting the shower-head in a small bucket, opening the shower's hot tap and switching on the water pump. This will cause the boiler to fill (exhausting the air within it through the shower-head) and I keep the pump running (it takes several minutes) until water flows smoothly from the shower-head. I then do the same with the shower's cold tap, which takes much less time as there's little air in the cold-water pipework leading to the shower-tap. (The reason I use a bucket is because it's a deep enough container to prevent the splashing that will inevitably occur as air and water are spat out violently from the shower-head.) I then repeat the process (including using the bucket) for the wash-basin and kitchen-sink taps. When this exercise has been completed the boiler and all the fresh-water pipework are free of air and remain so until the system is next drained down.


Even if some air does remain in the upper section of your motorhome’s hot-water boiler, as long as water flows smoothly from the taps the water-pump should be able to pressurise the complete water system sufficiently for the pump’s pressure-switch to trigger and stop the pump from running.


Instructions for the Aqua 8 pump are here




Page 4 carries a drawing with a large black cross on a scewdriver that (apparently) is being used to adjust the pressure-switch. I’m not sure whether that means “Don’t use a screwdriver - use a different tool” or “Don’t try to adjust the pressure-switch”, but if there are no air leaks between the fresh-water tank and the pump, and no water leaks between the pump and the taps, and water runs freely and smoothly from the taps, and there is nothing actually wrong with your new pump, then adjusting the pressure-switch would be worth trying (Assuming that’s possible, of course!)


Although ‘air locking’ can occur when a motorhome’s water system includes a submersible pump, this should not happen with a diaphragm pump like the Aqua 8 as this type of pump has a lot of suck and blow.

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