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Thetford C200 flush water drain down query


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Our aged Autoquest 200 is fitted with a Thetford C200 toilet. The drain down plug for the flush is a simple stopper. When I take out this drain down plug much of the liquid ends up flowing into the cassette housing beneath. This is a pain.

I notice that the C250 model has a drain down tube rather than a simple plug. Does anyone know if this will also fit the C200 model?


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These two links deal with draining the water-reservoir of a Thetford C200 toilet






The final posting on the 2nd link is (apparently) Thetford’s advice on the matter and includes the statement


"As we have listened to our consumers and their needs toilets produced after the C200 have now been designed with a drain tube. However this is not available as an aftermarket product for the C200 models.”


On-line photos suggest that the C250 drain-tube




might directly attach to a C200 toilet instead of the C200’s drain-plug




but if not the comments in the two links indicate that it should be easy enough to DIY a drain-tube arrangement for a C200.

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