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Touring Poland


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Guest pelmetman

I hope to get our own back to :D ........


Can anyone recommend a sprout picking area? :-S .........


I should add..... I'm fussy about my sprouts ;-) ......



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biggsy216 - 2018-04-27 10:41 PM


Thinking about a tour of Poland later in the year. Any experiences anyone would like to share?



We went for 6 weeks last spring and had a great time. We sourced our sites from the Caravan &motorhome sites book and acsi. We also used rough guide and lonely planet for places to visit.


English was not spoken much apart from Krakov. Nevertheless we managed without problems.


We relied on our garmin satnav cos signposting not the best.


Wroclaw campsite has basic facilities, think unmodernised communist, but worth a visit.

Poznan has a great modern campsite next to rowing lake so you can walk into town. We loved Poznan and visited twice.

We then moved up to Baltic coast stopping at some train sheds. Now I am not a steam train buff but these were fascinating. You could just wander around and poke about, walk across the lines, and no one said a word. Even my wife was fascinated.

Gdansk and Warsaw both worth a visit. We then went to the Magdeburg concentration camp. Excellent, much better than Auschwitz whichthese days is a glorified theme park packed full of tourists. Magdeburg was empty and gave a good understanding of the horror.


Down the Belorussian and Ukrainian border you will be on your own. A few basic campsites but the experience is excellent.


Krakow is worth a few days. See the excavations hidden under the town square, a wonderful experience.


Walking in the Tatra mountains is good.


There is lots more. You can fill over month with ease. WiFi fairly good at most sites. People friendly even if most have no English.





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Mike...i've been visiting Poland now for a number of years and there isn't many parts i've not seen and often revisit places i've been before.


The Masurian area in the north east is Polands equivalent of our Lake District and Lake Sniardwy is the largest at 22kms long and 13kms wide. If in that area you aren't far off the Wolfsschanze...Hitlers bunker system at Gierloz which is well worth a visit.



Another worthwhile visit is the Stalag Luft POW site at Zagan....the actual place where the real Great Escape took place. It's signed out of Zagan along a rough track road deep in a forest. Be sure to visit the little museum (signed as you exit the track).



Most of my touring has been among ww2 sites, concentration and extermination camps.....Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, Chelmno and Majdanek. All worth visiting if ww2 history is an interest.


Auschwitz is at Oswiecim about 30 miles from Krakow and the old city in the centre is the big attraction there. Lot's of lovely coffee bars and restaurants in the square and it's easy to arrange any guided tour from there too if you want that. Not to be missed whilst in Krakow is Oskar Schindlers factor which still stands and now a museum. It's not that far from the centre.



On the edge of Krakow is a rarely visited concentration camp, Plaszow. Strange that more don't visit actually as this was the camp where Oskar Schindler's "List" of Jewish prisoners came from. Overseen by the evil Camp Commandant Amon Goeth whose villa house still stands where he used to sit 'entertaining' himself taking shots with his rifle at prisoners.



Goeths daughter, Monika Hertwig is now 72 and speaks here about her experience growing up as a child and the horror she was finally confronted with on discovering exactly who her father was.


It's an important piece of history to me as it's instrumental in Schindlers List because a film maker James Moll, working on "Inheritance" a documentary about Plaszow, traced Helena Jonas-Rosenzweig who was Goeths Jewish house 'slave' whom Schindler eventually managed to rescue from Goeth. James Moll had also traced Monika and she asked if he would help arrange a meeting with Helena. They met at Plaszow and it was obviously very emotional and difficult for both.


Here he talks about it and a small part of the documentary is shown. Well worth buying but unfortunately it's only available in NTSC format but you can see quite a lot of it on YouTube.




As Peter mentioned over on the far east side of Poland down the Belarusian and Ukraine border, the country is wild and remote with many forest areas but the experience is amazing and worth seeing if you have time. This is one area of Poland you won't find many English speakers, but the rest of the country.....many do. Obviously it's more common among young people but don't be too surprised to find a few older folk more than capable of conversing.


They are extremely friendly, warm welcoming people hence the reason i keep going back! You cannot see it all in a couple of weeks and as Peter said, you can easily spend a month touring it......and even then you will only have seen a small part of it. It's a much bigger country than people imagine it to be.


Prices are low.....way lower than UK. In small 'non-touristy' towns you can easily buy a good fresh cooked meal for less than a fiver. Beer is cheap and so is diesel. All major roads are pretty good but some country roads can be a bit bumpy in places. Remember, Hitler drove his tanks down their roads.....he never got as far as here though many of our roads leave a lot to be desired!


Hope you have found something useful here and you enjoy your visit!

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I forgot to add this useful site last night which covers lots of sites not listed on ACSI. Some vary in standard of facilities etc so it can sometimes be a "mixed bag". For example one i stayed on, there was no EHU and the ground was fairly small. Shower/toilet block was basic but clean......BUT they had a cracking Restaurant serving excellent food at typical Polish prices and a lovely bar you could sit at overlooking a huge lake.


Sites can be located on their online interactive map;




They also do a hard copy of the map. I bought mine from one of the sites.



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witzend - 2018-04-29 10:11 PM


Looking thru my favourites came across this


Yes that's a good site too. One of my favourites is this one;



Been there a few times. The site is pretty basic but very cheap. EHU and reasonabl toilet/shower block and the ground is very quiet. No onsite restaurant but the town centre is only a 10 min walk away with a cracking outdoor restaurant in the town square. Znin is a small town which i much prefer to larger busy ones and nearby it has a lovely old train station running steam trains. The town lies between two huge lakes and the campground is very near to one of them.


This is another site i've used regularly over the years.



Family owned and run and because of being there most years, got to know the family well and Robert who is pretty much 'the boss' is a really great guy. He owns a motorhome so is familiar with any problems you might need help with. I buy my bottled gas off him as he gets it me at a good price (£4 a refill!)


They have a very good restaurant serving breakfast, dinner and cold buffet in evenings, also a snack bar. I just have a dinner each day which costs £4 and all the food is fresh meat and veg....no processed or packet rubbish!

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