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Ford Transit gearbox oil level


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A neighbour owns Chausson welcome , 2008 model on a ford transit 135T350 rwd, question is checking the gearbox oil level, how many plugs are on the gear box ?. he tells me that he has found two on the side of the box, is the higher one the filler and the lower the level?

any diagrams would be great as I have not looked at it yet, possibly Tuesday evening .


Thank you.



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I have a Haynes Ford Transit Diesel workshop manual, but this only covers vehicles up to October 2006 - however, I suspect that a 2008 RWD Transit’s transmission will be much the same as that of a 2006 equivalent.


For the 6-speed transmission (which I believe a 2008 “135T350” Transit would have) the Haynes manual advises (and provides a photo) that oil-draining is via a drain-plug at the very bottom of gearbox towards its front and near to the clutch bell-housing. Refilling is via a filler-plug on the right-hand side (UK offside) of the gearbox, quite high up and fairly close to the rear of the gearbox where it connects to the prop-shaft.


Torque settings are said to be 50Nm for the oil drain plug and 35Nm for the oil filler plug.


The manual’s relevant photo (small but adequate) suggests that there may well be a large screw-in plug mid-way down on the gearbox’s right-hand side and towards the front of the gearbox, but this has nothing to do with oil draining/refilling.

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