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Back door fly screen


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Can anybody please supply details of manufacturers/retailers of fly screens for the back doors of a Knaus 600 Boxlife. I can find plenty for the sliding side door but nothing else. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you. Andrea
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..like many such Ducato accessories, they are more simple to source in Germany. An example brought up by search in German is shown here:




However, one of the manufacturers shown is Hindermann, and a number of retailers stock (some of) their lines in the UK.


Vancomfort would appear to be able to source their version on request:




...and the German link above gives you a target price.

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Welcome to the Out&Aboutlive forums, Andrea.


Fly-screens for the side and rear doors of a Fiat-based panel-van conversion were asked about here:




As Robinhood advises, a Hindermann rear-doors fly-screen can be ordered in the UK through VanComfort (photo and price here)




and there are more details on Page 27 of the Hindermann Catalogue




A Reimo rear-doors fly-screen is also marketed




It looks like either of those screens would be suitable for a Knaus Boxlife 600




but you’d be wise to confirm this with the vendor before ordering/purchasing.


(I suspect that the Hindermann product is the more sophisticated.)

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