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Thetford Casette


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Suda - 2018-05-04 4:12 PM


Does a Burstner Travel Van t620 have a C200 casette pleas


You really need to identify the year of manufacture of the t620 model.


Earlier t620s clearly had a Thetford C200 toilet (1st attached photo relates to a 2010 t620G) but the 2018 t620’s Thetford toilet is a C263 (as evident from 2nd attached photo)


A C200 toilet-cassette is quite different from a C263 cassette and the two cassette-types are NOT interchangeable.


It’s perhaps worth adding that the cassette sold as part of a Thetford C200 “Fresh Up” kit has wheels and a ‘pull handle’, whereas the cassette originally provided with C200 toilets had no handle or wheels. Wheeled and non-wheeled C200 cassettes ARE interchangeable.


(It might be helpful if you said why you need to know this.)



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