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Electric Bike Insurance Cover


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At present I have our two electric bikes covered as specified personal belongings on our combined buildings and contents cover. This is not the Pedal cycles section.


Now this year at renewal time the combined buildings and contents cover premium has increased by £24.

So I thought I'd ring around. The reply came back we don't cover electrically assisted bicycles on our policies. Not in any section.


So my question to all those that have electric bikes:


1 Who have you got them covered with?

2 If you have them insured on your house policy, does the company know that they are electrically assisted bicycles? For in the event of a claim they might refuse cover.


Regards Wilf


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We have them covered by LV under house policy.

Ours are described as Prorider electrical assisted bicycles, ,, with the type number,


So shouldnt be any problem.


Heavy duty bike locks when not in use, batteries stored away from bikes when not in use.


Always take battery off when away on site, and lock bikes to bike rack, batteries in van.




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rupert123 - 2018-05-04 9:17 PM


Sunliffe, yes they know. Only stipulation at least a silver rated U lock when they are left.


Hello Henry

Just got a favourable quote from Sunlife and when I asked them to include two electrically assisted bicycles, they told me they don't cover them. I asked was that in the bicycles section or specified personal belongings. Was advised bicycles up to £350 in specified personal belongings and bicycles over in the bicycles; but no electrically assisted bicycles at all.

I think on what I've been told by them you don't look like you are covered.

Regards Wilf


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