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Nature Pure water filter system - is it worth £240?

Matrix Meanderer

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Having suffered some gastric disasters on various foreign campsites and overnight stops, we're thinking about installing the Nature Pure RS-QC2 Filter Basic Kit (without the tap). Just connecting it in the main pipework so that all our water is filtered through it. With our rate of use, it hardly seems worth drilling a hole in the worktop and fitting a separate tap.


My question is: This is a top of the range water filter which claims to take out every nasty known to man :-D

but at nearly £240 and replacement cartridges at almost £90 it had better be worth it. Various companies make cheaper in line filters but they do not have the same technical performance.


Seems to me that these filters attract the same loyal owners as SOG systems (which we have and swear by).


I would appreciate any comments on how these filters perform over time and how effective they are.


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...there has been an awful amount of controversy recently about General Ecology/Nature Pure and their business practices.


Motorhomefun forum is probably the best source to take a view of that.


In the past, I have installed and used a Nature Pure system with tap, and certainly enjoyed the freedom of not having to cart bottles/containers of drinking water about.


Currently, in line with one or two other posters here, I use a 3M system, which is generally cheaper to install and run, and (as long as you buy the correct cartridges) has equivalent or better performance specifications to the Nature Pure.


3M have recently rejigged their offerings, (and indeed the filter) so the all-in-one kit I fitted may be difficult to source. It is implicitly now not available by reference to:




....which shows the new-style replacement filter, AND as you scroll down to the bottom, the various components needed to fit a system (with the full kit implicitly now unavailable).


You need an AP3 head @ £27.50, I recommend the bypass/blanking plug @ £13.09 as this allows the water system to be used with no filter in situ, and an HF10 (E2) cartridge (these are £71.37 here, but Pozzani, from whom I buy, sell them for £57.98).




You need to make sure it is the HF10 Microbial (E2) filter that is being bought, there are cheaper, lower-spec fitments.


In other words, you should be able to fit an equivalent or better system than the Nature Pure for around £100, and with lower running costs (the new filters are specified for 12 months use).


Note - the only components missing are those needed to connect your pipework to 3/8" push fit in and out connections for the head.


I had one of these (with the earlier filter) factory-fitted just after the pump in my last Hobby, and the pressure from the pump was fine for "whole system" use. The submersible pump in the current Globecar is somewhat lower pressure, and to maintain flow I've fitted the filter to the kitchen cold feed, other water remains unfiltered.


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...If you google "www.motorhomefun.co.uk general ecology" you will find a number of hits.


The most telling are probably:








(and I'm not at all sure who is the official UK distributor now).


Pozzani will do the 3M AP3 head at roughly the same price as Campervanstuff, but I haven't (admittedly with only brief searching) found anyone other than Campervanstuff who does the bypass plug, which isn't critical but is very useful.


The now-unavailable "full kit" only had the addition of a number of pipe-fitments over and above the 3 items already specified (head, bypass and filter), and these should be easy to source separately (and will vary depending on your pipework and orientation anyway). It looks like you need a 3/8" stem to go into the head, and the other end can be whatever fits your pipework - though, in order to get a convenient position and orientation, I've added a small amount of semi-rigid piping and some elbows to my cold tap feed. Not an expensive option).


The filter is a quick twist on/off, and when off, the system is closed by a valve - hence the bypass plug which completes the run as if the filter is in place.


Just reiterating, make sure any filters you buy are HF10 (E2) for the protection you want. Pozzani are a good supplier, and I have already bought one of these newer filters.

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RH thanks for the further information.


Interesting forum discussion and end solution.


Have ordered from the recommended suppliers and saved at least 50% on the Nature Pure cost.


Installation looks straightforward enough.


Again many thanks, I look forward to a clean supply of water and a clean bill of health after installation :-D



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