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New MOT rules


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The MOT inspection manual for Class 4 vehicles (eg. motor caravans) that will come into force on 20 May 2018 can be found here




Besides updating-revisions, the principle change is that defects will be categorised/recorded as minor, major or dangerous. This is covered in Section 18 of the manual as desctibed below:




Defects covered in this manual are selected from a component-based menu system in the MOT testing service. You will first select the appropriate component from the main component list and then make further selections from the sub-menu(s). Once you've selected the appropriate component, a list of defects will be available for selection.


Various categories of defect may be available for the same item depending on the nature or severity of the defect – minor, major or dangerous. You must select the appropriate category, guided by the defect wording and using your knowledge, experience and judgement.


When an item isn't sufficiently deteriorated to justify rejection, there may be an option to select ‘advisory’ to inform the presenter of this fact.


When only minor defects have been selected, a test certificate will still be issued. Unlike advisory items, the use of minor defects, where appropriate, is mandatory.


If you think that a defect on a non-testable item is dangerous, you should explain it to the vehicle presenter.


Some defects listed in the inspection manual may not be accessible if they aren’t relevant due to the age or test class of the vehicle. However, advisory items (if appropriate) for these defects may still be selectable.”


I cannot see why a motorhome’s year of manufacture should have any general effect under the revised regulations, any more than the vehicle’s age had a general effect under the outgoing rules. Obviously some checks that will apply to more recent vehicles won’t apply to vehicles manufactured before certain specified dates, but that is just as true within the outgoing MOT test’s regulations.


(Incidentally, changes to vehicle inspections from 20 May 2018 are evidently not unique to the the UK, as on the same date the French contrôle technique also alters (more severe and more expensive according to motorhome magazine articles) and will use a similar minor/major/dangerous way of categorising a defect’s severity.)

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