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Rollerteam Pegaso 740


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I'm new to motor homes and hoping for a little advise. I'm looking at saving some pennies up for my first but I'm not sure how far to go. Just to give you a little background...


I'm expecting to use it for trips into Europe for around 3 to 6 months a year. Hopefully without the need to hook up on a site every time. I'm assuming an A class as I like the idea of a double floor and something that's a little more protected from the elements. There's only me and the wife travelling, so wasn't looking at anything huge, but at the same time we were looking at a few creature comforts, separate shower/toilet, fixed bed either island or two large singles.


I've been drooling over a few models:

-Frankia Platin I 7900 GD or QD

-Carthago Chic E-Line 51 Yachting


But as I've never owned one before, I keep thinking I need to start with something more reasonable. I've looked at the Rollerteam Pegaso 740 and quite like the styling and specs for the money.


Just wondering if anyone else has one and thinks it would manage lengthy trips into Europe, or save a few more pennies up and go for one of the others?




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We have a Roller Team 747 coming up to it's first year anniversary and we looked at the Pegaso when we were deciding what to buy. We wanted a rear lounge and that option was not available on the Pegaso at the time we bought the 747, it is now. We would still have opted for the 747 as the payload of the Pegaso is very small at 340kg, this for the 3500kg max weight model. It is possible to go to 3650kg as we did on the 747 but you need C1 on your driving licence. We really like the rear lounge layout and the electric drop down bed works for us. Overall we are very happy with the Roller Team but I would opt for the 150bhp engine if you can as our 130bhp model needs a lot of gear changes, even in Suffolk! Getting things rectified has been very slow, fortunately they have all been minor. We had the plastic trim missing on the fridge, this took about 6 months to sort, we still haven't got the towel rail in the bathroom replaced as the chrome was flaking from new. I replaced all the missing wood screws on the top cupboard handles. I also sorted the bad connection on the solar feed under the drivers seat. My biggest disappointment was the fact it did not come with front seat covers. It should have, but we didn't realise this until approx 6 months later when we met another 747 owner. The supplying dealer GMC of Stafford just refused to believe it went out without them! and were no help at all. Looking at the hand over documentation that we signed it is not a specific item so easy to miss. I should have taken a lot more time on the handover, bright new shiny toy mode took over! Check everything!
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Thanks for the information. I will certainly look at the 150, perhaps automatic and I certainly wouldn't mind the chassis upgrade. I'm of a certain age which will allow me to drive (in theory) up to 7.5t, but I've also noticed the costs go up on certain toll roads/ferries for anything above 3.5t.


Have you ever driven yours overseas? also, has your model got the solar panels? Was curious to know how well they actually work.


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One forum-member (job&boyce - most recent logon 11 May) purchased a RollerTeam Pegaso 740 in early-2017




so should be in a position to comment on the model’s pros and cons.


You don’t NEED an A-class model for the vehicle to have a double floor, though A-class motorhomes will generally be significantly more spacious inside (and more expensive) than equivalent designs that retain the original cab.


To help your decision-making you might want to obtain this booklet




A standard Pegaso 740 has a list-price around £65k and you’d almost certainly want to upgrade the basic specification and add expensive extras - the Frankia and Carthago models would be considerably more expensive.


It would definitely be wise to follow Colin’s advice to get some motorcaravanning experience by hiring before committing to buying anything.



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Thanks. I've recently been thinking about a trip to NZ and hiring one there for the duration. By the end of that holiday I suspect I'll know for sure.


With regards to the money, I'd like to think of it as an investment. Something that I can escape the winter months, year after year. At the moment I'm struggling to justify spending as much as the Carthago / Frankia models as I'm assuming the Pegaso will do the job. Suppose someone may tell me otherwise.


I'll post a note to job&boyce, see if they'd like to share any more insight into the model.

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