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Lunar pinnacle gt rl motorhome 2008 low profile


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Hi there regarding the above subject i bought one 2 years ago

Since then after having traveled approx, 7000 miles in her neIther myself or my wife have never seen anouther one which I feel is a bit strange.

If any one can give me more information I would be very much obliged.




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Lunar ceased making motorhomes in 2008 so yours would have been one of the last built. It did start building them again in 2013 but it remains primarily a caravan manufacturer. It has also dabbled in 'badged' engineering having some motorhomes built in Belgium [Home Car/Champs] until that firm went bust.


Have a look of this tale of woe which suggests your Pinnacle was built in the UK. Lunar has an owners club so you could try there for more information.



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This 2008 MotorHomeFun thread




suggests that the “Pinnacle” range was built in Belgium (by the company producing “Home-Car” motorhomes) and then marketed in the UK via Lunar dealerships.


My understanding is that Lunar had a management buyout in 2007 that (one might think) would have severed ties with the Belgium company (“Chateau”) that had owned Lunar (and the “Home-Car” brand).


However, the Ford Transit-based “Pinnacle” models (see following links)






certainly look similar to Home-Car equivalents that were being marketed in Continental-Europe then and - to the best of my knowledge - no UK motorhome manufacturer ever built coachbuilt models on a front-wheel-drive Transit base.


Results of a GOOGLE-search here




Lunar and Chateau/Home-car were having a financial tough time when the “Pinnacle” range was being marketed and I’m guessing that the number of “Pinnacle” sales was very modest.

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