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Fiamma Awning Spares for Broken Awning

Wasnt Me

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This weekend I made the mistake of leaving the Awning out and the wind has broken it.


I need to replace both arms :'( and found they are about £150 each. With a new awning being about £600 .


Does anyone know the cheapest place to go to. I've searched on Google but all are approximately £150.


I might consider a new awning if reasonably priced. I need a 4m one.


Thanks in advance.

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It's these bits that break first so little chance of picking spare ones up. The repair is simple but long winded, take it all off, lay it out flat and then spend time checking it winds in evenly before replacing.

It took two of us about two hours.

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A sudden cloudburst last October caused one of the arms of my awning to fail. I was in Benidorm and couln't wind it in...!!

As there was a delay orderering from the factory I bought a "recovered" arm from Rose Awnings in Poole (~£100) and had it flown out (for not more than the cost of a jumbo jet). It was reasonably easy to fit the replacement arm.

I had good service and advice from Rose. They do stock recovered arms etc so should be worth a call..

on 01202 620427

Good luck


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Thanks for the advice.


I've ordered some now £133. each :'(


I have replaced the canvas when I bought it as it was ripped, so fairly confident of doing them. The lady at the shop said be careful as they are spring loaded. So will watch for that.


Lesson learnt, when the wife says "do we (you) need to roll the awning up" do it.


At least it passed its MOT today, it's not all bad.


Thanks again

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