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RE: £33 Motorhome, Truck specific Sat Nav


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In January 2014, after seeing forum postings, I bought a Noza Tec device (made in China running iGo software under Windows CE) from a seller named Navibuzz on eBay. The impression given was that the device was so cheap because it was using cheap hardware but the software was legitimate).

Two years later, investigations into failure of the lifetime map update guarantee revealed that the iGo software on the device was a pirate copy. I was advised by a member of this forum that "All installations of IGO are originally targeted at a given device, and given a version which "matches" to that device". It isn't difficult to change the parameters to run it on something else (if cracked), but the version remains unchanged, even on the cracked versions.". On checking I found that the software on my device was (legitimately) registered to a different device.

Subsequently it was even found that some units were even being shipped without the truck files in the mapping so could not possibly work as advertised for large vehicles. That was still the case recently when a post on a different forum prompted me to check again.

OK for people who don't care about using pirate software and questionable map accuracy, I suppose, but I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole irrespective whether shipped from China or from UK sellers.

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