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Hobby 600 Fiat Ducato 2003


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Can anyone out there help with an English handbook about the electronic and general use of this our recent purchase of this used van. Seller had no paperwork on how to use this motorhome (had a stroke so not able to explain use)ie 12 volt system,heating, water, lights etc. Regards Rob :'(
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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forum, Rob.


In 2005 I imported from Germany a new left-hand drive Hobby motorhome that I owned until 2014. Despite that vehicle being based on a Ford Transit chassis, it came with an English-language handbook for Fiat Ducato-based Hobby models.


I remember the handbook as being A5 format, ‘chunky’ and generic (applying to all Ducato Hobbys rather than being model-specific). A fair amount of the information in it related to ‘specification’ (dimensions, weights, etc.) that would not be of huge value to an owner. Copying the booklet itself would not be an easy task.


There are downloadable Hobby motorhome handbooks on-line, but I can’t find one early enough to be relevant to a 2003 Fiat-based model. However, you should be able to download appropriate operating and installation instructions for your Hobby 600’s heater, fridge and toilet, and the downloadable documents will be more comprehensive than the information in the Hobby handbook.








(I’ve taken an educated guess at the specification of a 2003 Hobby 600.)


Where the Hobby handbook should be helpful is with the vehicle’s electrical system and the operation of the curvy control-panel (shown in the following links)





My own Transit-based Hobby had a different, simpler to that of the Ducato-based models, so I’ve no hands-on experience of the Ducato vehicles’ electrics.


Probably your best bet to obtain a handbook (and get expert advice) would be to contact/join the Hobby Motorhome Owners Club



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