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Vitrifrigo compressor fridge anyone


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Hi Snowie,


The name Vitrifrigio struck a chord in my memory. On checking my notes I found that I was correct in that they are fitted to rental vehicles in NZ, and possibly in Australia as well.


We are serial visitors to NZ, and have a total of about a years experience of using hired vehicles with what were probably Vitrifrigio fridges, or at least the one that I took notes was Vitrifrigio.


The hire vehicles used in the last ten years were over three years old and intensively used. We did not have any problems with fridges on our travels. So that points to reasonable reliability.


Consumption when running is quoted as 42W, or 3.6A at 12V, for a 60 litre model.


The fridge compressor was of Danfoss manufacture, and is powered via an electronic PSU, which allows operation on either 12V or 24V.


We did have one problem with a faulty habitation battery, which had severely reduced capacity. The fridge kept cutting out when not on EHU. Beeping alarm woke us up, so had to switch off.


Hope that the above helps in a small way.





I am surprised that these fridges are mounted in a cabinet behind the sliding door of a PVC, with little apparent ventilation to the interior of the van. Seemed to cope OK, and the climate north of Auckland tends towards Mediteranean,

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My good wife Joyce has reminded me that we did have problems particularly on one vehicle, with the fridge door coming open while on the move. This happened despite the fact that simple lower and raise locking device had been correctly engaged. As Joyce is the fridge re-packer, I had overlooked this problem.


On our most recent trip earlier this year, we were pleased to note that a modified sliding catch had been fitted by the renter. I do not know wether this was a Vitrifrigio item, or was sourced from elsewhere.





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