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3d models of peoples motorhomes


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An interesting idea, would a 3D Hymer or Carthago cost more than a swift or Autotrail?


I used to like the cutaway drawings of caravans being reviewed in, I think, Practical caravan magazine. They stopped doing them which was a pity as they were like works of art and seemed quite accurate. Cost probably. Reminded me of similar drawings of boats, planes, tanks and rockets in the boys comic ‘the Eagle’



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Yes those cut away drawings were amazing i think they still do them in star wars publications and startrek. Model boats are very popular and people spend hours painstakingly rigging them to look like minture versions of the real thing. Guess with 3d printing model making may be making a comeback. It would also be possible to make fullsize parts for modifications in motorhomes for example fittings and fixtures. Actually i think it might be a case of thinking it was a good idea in the morning but by evening maybe not.
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I'm considering 3d printing to remake end caps for my roof ladder. I have a firm lined up to do the work and they cutely suggested I should float the prospect to others in case anyone else is contemplating similar, - (once the CAD file's been made duplication is relatively modest cost).


Before I go ahead with the work I thought I'd ask if anyone else has done anything similar, - foresee any pitfalls?


Back story:

My ladder mechanism was badly corroded and I decided to powdercoat all the parts. Disassembling it was difficult. I had to use the heat gun to loosen the rung screws and melted one of the end caps



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3D-printable models of motorhomes are available (example here)




as are 3D-printable files for many motorhome-related parts




This 2020 O&AL forum thread related to 3D-printing an awning end-cap that was otherwise unobtainable.




In the 1990s MMM Magazine test reports normally included a (monochrome) cutaway drawing of the motorhome being reviewed - plus an exhaustive list of specification data. The drawing attached below was scanned from a 1995 MMM review of a Herald Valencia. High quality colour-printing/photography (and the internet) must make it cost-ineffective to provide such drawings.



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