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Fault identified with Excess Flow Valves


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If your MH (or Caravan) is fitted with an 'Excess Flow Valve' such as a 'GasStop' or one of the major gas manufacturers own brand devices AND an external gas BBQ point you need to read this article from Caravan magazine as they have identified a potential fault whereby the EFV does not respond to a failure of anything connected to the BBQ point...




And then read a statement issued by GasStop here...





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Thanks Keith for an interesting and informative post.


As I do not have either a BBQ LPG outlet, or an excess flow device, my interes is academic.


The linked documents fail to provide any suggestion as to the cause of the problem. I can only speculate that the cause is either a deliberately designed in, or chance restriction in the gas flow through the BBQ point.


Any other thoughts on this?


Perhaps those who drive with gas turned on and rely on the excess flow device for safety in case of an accident may wish to reconsider?




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