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Thule Omnistore Awning sealing strip


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My Thule Omnistore 5002 3.5 metre awning - probably of 2004 vintage is in need of a new rubber sealing strip. I have found 2 suppliers of Thule strips (links below) but neither answer their phones! I have also e-mailed them.

So I can't find out if these replacement strips will fit my old awning.
The exrtrusion channel that the rubber fits into looks similar?

Has anyone done similar and can perhaps recommend a supplier with the product I want?

Thanks in advance

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Keithl - 2018-06-28 1:02 PMTry Rose Awinings, they where at the Midsummer Show last weekend01202 620427Keith.

Thanks Keith - they were really helpful & confirm that the new rubber will fit my old awning, so they have my order - dispatched today as well.

Great service!
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