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Moselle/ Rhine valley


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When you get to the Rhine / Moselle Valley there are plenty of shops selling maps of the river(s) which show the location of camp sites and Stellplatz and also tourist info offices that can provide a lot of info.

Both rivers are very popular tourist areas and there are plenty of places to stop and lots to see along both rivers so you don't really need anyone else's travelogue to show you where to go.

If you have a sites book and/or a European guide to Aires / Stellplatz, depending on your preference, I doubt you will struggle to find lovely places, often riverside, to stop be it overnight or for a week.

Others may have their own favourites but Koblenz where the Moselle and Rhine meet is a lovely place and as good a place as any to start.

And many folk in Germany speak very good English!

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Easy touring and plenty to see and places to stop. Do not agree with Rich about starting point as it is in the middle of the best bits. If coming from France start at Trier and do not miss Berncastel and Cochem. We always make our first stop after Trier on the Stelz at Trittenheim, right on the river and cycle path. The Rhine is not so well catered for with stops and has a busy road both side of the river, not so many bridges either. When you get to Koblenz it is best to decide which bank of the Rhine you wish to travel down, both sides have their good points. Early September is very busy with wine festivals so get to stops early if traveling then.
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Didn't start at Koblenz Henry, just liked it.

Best to start further away in any of three directions depending where you are coming from and gravitate towards Koblenz and away again in any other of the three directions depending where you want to end up.


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We live about an hour south of Koblenz up in the Hunsrück and I can tell you that you will be touring a beautiful region.


The E40 is your friend. It’s the main Euroroute right across Europe.


Depending upon what time you had available to you my advice would be (to save back tracking) head for the furthest point away then slowly drive back stopping wherever you like. There are lots of campsites and loads and loads of Stellplatz along the Rhine and Mosel.


Arrive by Le Shuttle and take the E40 towards Brussels then head towards Köln (Cologne). You’ll cross into Germany south of Aachen and the road number changes to the 44 briefly then you’ll turn onto the 4 still heading towards Köln.


Just before you get to Köln you’ll turn onto the 61 and start heading south where you’ll see signs for Koblenz. I’d be inclined to stay on the motorway and head down Rüdesheim (crossing by car ferry at Bingen). There is an excellent campsite at Rüdesheim where you can spend a couple of days getting your breath back.


From Rüdesheim you can then cross back over to Bingen and follow the road (9) along the banks of the Rhine up to Koblenz. After Koblenz get on to the 416 on the banks of the Mosel and follow it all the way down to Luxembourg where you can then strike north to get back to Le Shuttle.


TIP 1:

After leaving Rüdesheim, places which are well worth visiting are Bacharach (parking for town - 50.060600, 7.769456), Oberwesel (viewing point - 50.111610, 7.722709), St Goar (viewing point 50.148073, 7.722155), Boppard (town - but we’ve only visited by car).


TIP 2:

Koblenz can be difficult to park at the best of times, never mind in a motorhome, so if you want to start your visit with a spectacular view head for the large car park at the Fort (50.368000, 7.617300) and take the cable car down into Koblenz which arrives at the Deutsches Eck (Germany Corner) where the Rhine and Mosel meet.


TIP 3:

There are some lovely towns and villages on the Mosel as you head south. Worth stopping at are Cochem (MH parking 50.153594, 7.168326), Zell (stellplatz 50.029682, 7.177632), Traban-Trarbach (MH parking 49.948509, 7.116075), Bernkastel-Kues (MH parking 49.911999, 7.068018) as well as Trier. But I’m sure everyone has their own favourites.


I hope you have a wonderful adventure.




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We did most of that trip 3 years ago for the Rhine in Flames , we crossed over from Bingham to Rudesheim by ferry and about half way across that nice young lady on my sat nav told me to make a U turn & turn around when possible ?.

It's worth a trip on the cable car from Fort just for the breathtaking view of the junction of the Moselle & Rhine at Koblenz.



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